“hauntingly beautiful”

From the Matterhorn Show

Sketched live @ EP Release 2012  by Natasha Vermeulen


Is made up of Nikita Tu-Bryant vocalist/guitarist/poet leading the journey, along-side her are the Spooky and a Circus of Men:

Daniel Yeabsley (The Yoots, Ukulele Orchestra, The Troubles) – double bass

Cory Champion (The Digg) – percussive sounds and vocal harmonies

Tristan Carter (Firefly Collab, The Troubles, Padang Moncar) – violin/viola and vocal harmonies

Charley Davenport (Firefly Collab, The Troubles, Grayson Gilmour) – cello

Spooky’s music is described as mystical and mesmerising, many tales sung through melodies and pulses – a natural accompaniment of storytelling through music.  The roots are primarily folk, branching out to the likes of blues, jazz and soul.

Folk with a slight quirky twist.

After their successful “Live at Happy” CD Release Tour in the North and South Island – Nikita the Spooky and a Circus of Men will be releasing their first studio album 28th of June 2013.

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